Thoughts Out Loud

I wrote this blog because I wanted to share pieces of me that I could really connect to at a later date because I seldomly keep up with things and being that I’m an artist, I often get scatterbrained with these ideas and notions and I’m not able to keep up and even though I want to keep up… I don’t keep up. Sometimes, I lose track of the beat and I get in a different rhythm of my own that I can’t decipher is justifiable to actually stay in. Then, sometimes I create beautiful contradictions that actually end up having the slightest bit of twister logic that other people just might happen to be able to relate to and it helps me not feel so less alone. So here are my thoughts out loud, where I’m able to freely express what I can’t explain to myself. I know there are artist out there that feel that there are pieces of you that you really can’t share to an audience or community, but if it helps you express yourself any better.. just refer to me:

Thoughts Out Loud


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