Kookin’ with the Kat…..

You ever just had the urge to nourish your soul? As I showered this morning, I felt drained, sunken, low…

I knew I had to do something. Do something to nourish my soul. So, I headed to the local grocery story and picked up what I needed. As soon as I stepped back into the kitchen, I really got into my zone. Before I knew it I needed to make the dinner rolls. Boy had I really let go. I had my music going and I was flowin’ to the sounds of Anita Baker and back to the H and I totally lost track of time which I had none I just figure there’s a right way to do things and I shouldn’t have taken so long but it felt so good and it was only 7o clock. I felt like superwoman. Indeed I did. I danced and hummed and chanted and stomped and slammed. Just glad to be able to season my food without that ham. I did it man. I nourished my soul… 

I finally found me. I gained control. I found a hobby that brings me so much joy. 


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