Ms. Green

damn I just want to be 
Me and my green
Me and my weed
Here, hit this joint with me
Dare to dream
Of pure serene 
Isolated thoughts tamed to believe 
That you are the higher being 
And cannot accept treatment less than thee
Put some music on repeat
Vibe with me deep
Rick James plays violently,
“I’m in love with Mary Jane,
She is my main thang.”
Just listen to the man sang
His troubles and pain.
Listen to the melodies as 
He sings over and over again
“Do doooo Mary Jaaaaaane”
Yes Rick James and I share the same thing
in common just of a different strain
It’s get a little easier casting burdens away
Throughout the day,
I keep a float
In hopes,
that I return to my friend
Daily conversations always have my mind swimming
With Ms. Green 
Tis that one ting
When unproductive hours go missing and it seems
Alright, right?
I sleep tight, high
Wake, thank, bake
Slay this day
Its my time to shine
Thanks Mary J


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