Once Upon A Time….

As she drove furiously to the gas station, she dashed out of her Jeep and headed straight to the Arco gas station door. A man in hindsight whistled. She turned her head in apprehension because this sort of thing was usual in this part of town. She was not at all bothered or for the most part, even slightly pleased at the thought of someone whistling at her. When she turned around to see who this poor victim was to be let down, she withdrew her previous thoughts. Inside the gas station, she made her way down the aisle where her favorite tea would be and made her way to the front of the gas station to pay. She was taken aback when she tried to pay for her gasand the cashier let her know that someone had already paid for it. She thanked the cashier, paid for her Snapple Peach Tea, and made her way for the door to pump #10 where her all black hardtop Jeep Wrangler was parked. A tall, slender, Caucasian male stood on the other side of pump #10 waiting for the beautiful, undyingly attractive, brown-skinned young woman he spotted rushing into the gas station a little while ago. He stood against his motorcycle and smiled when he made eye contact with the young woman.

“You seemed in a rush, so I took it upon myself to fuel you up.” He said, still smiling towards her. He had green eyes accompanied with a scruffy look, unshaven. He was about mid-40’s and clearly had just gotten off work with his uniform still in tact with an engraved name tag.

“You didn’t have to do that, I am perfectly able to fuel myself up…” The young woman looked gracefully into the man eyes and said proudly. She was proud. As she pumped gas into her Jeep Wrangler, she was surprised again to see that he had gotten more than enough gas for her. It was full. “Thank you”, she said in the most pleasant way possible. She wondered why did this older gentleman want to pay for her gas? He must want something from me, she pondered in her thoughts as the older gentleman just admired the way the young woman carried herself. He told the young woman that it was a pleasure to be able to take the burden off her hands. As she made her way into her Jeep, still with the patron admiring her every move. She turned on her vehicle and rolled down the window,

“Are you going to continue to sit against your bike all day and stare into my eyes as I leave or something? I’m just curious.” She asked jokingly.

“No, but I will stare into your eyes over a nice lunch or dinner, your pick.” He said.

She was caught off guard yet again by the older gentleman’s humble demeanor of pursuing her. It was something different about this encounter that she instinctly felt as if she needed to discover it’s real meaning or rather his real meaning.

“There’s a couple of bars downtown with great food, I could use a real drink other than my usual tea I seem to engulf on a daily. You can follow me if you want.”

“…Or you can show me where as you ride with me.”, he said while grabbing a helmet and now digging around for an extra pair of glasses. 

The young woman had never been on a motorcycle before. She was all but 115 pounds soaking wet and had not a brave bone in her body to go forward with riding a motorcycle with a stranger she met at a gas station who nicely gave her a full tank of gas. The more she contemplated with the man about riding on his bike, the more she wanted to actually just go for it. The bike was a public way of showing he would protect her in a sense and she felt that parking her car not far from the gas station to come back to would work out fine as well. She parked adjacent from the gas station on a back street intended for additional parking for the apartments located on Nellis and Pecos. She walked back up to the gas station to accompany her new friend. He then placed the helmet on and adjusted it to her head. It fit perfectly. She placed one foot on a lever and glided her other leg around the other side for balance. It was a big bike, a Harley of some kind. She was not into motorcycles, but familiar with its build, she knew she was on a Harley. She grew with excitement as this was her first ride on a motorcycle, first time riding with a strange man on a motorcycle to a bar. She thought about how often the opportunity comes and she thought about her safety. As the man proceeded to kick back his stand, he started his bike. It was loud. It was powerful. It was igniting. 

As the bike continued to sound off, the gentleman asked the young woman now on his bike, “Where to?” He was anxious to get to know his new companion.

“I was hoping we could play it by ear, it seems like a nice day to try new things. How about we start at Fremont? They seem to always have a good pub with food. This is Vegas.”, she said in return hoping the man could turn her on to a new place to dine.

He put more power behind his bike as he twisted his handles over and over again, They jolted off outside the Arco gas station and onto Pecos. She gripped the side of the gentleman’s waist and her fear of riding motorcycle subsided at once. She noticed the view all around her and it was quite delightful. She looked ahead and saw a beautiful brown mountain in a ray of pink, blue, and white skies. Clouds surrounded the mountains creating an illusion so perfect, she couldn’t help but to stare in amazement at nature in it’s raw form. She gestured for her companion to also take a look at the beautiful view they passed in plain sight and not behind any tinted windows or glass screens. 

“It’s so beautiful.” She said as the wind flowed hrough her hair causing her to feel just as beautiful as the view. 

The young woman knew for once in her life that she feared nothing and felt more confident as ever…….



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