Just a Child

Because it gets cold and lonely

I know the pain

Having to hide and refain

From silently crying inside 

Asking yourself as to why?

You’re not good enough for someone to stay.

It’s not your fault,

They say.

As you stare blankely into lieing eyes 

Trying not to break.

If only they could take their lies and replace it with my pain

Would they seem to think again 

When it came to a life… 

I’m not just another human being 

I’m their lives, they created.

I’m dying to prove I wasn’t a mistake 

Just miscalculated

Unexpected, So to say

But that doesn’t mean for granted they should take,


Because they’re not the only one having to put on a smile

Be patient and wait awhile.

You see, me? 

I’ve been waiting my whole life cause I’m just a child.

I didn’t ask to be the cause of commotion.

The reason some words go left unspoken

Because I walked into the door.

You see, me? 

I’m the child who was created through you two misbehaving and not giving a damn about the repercussions of things escalating….

Are you two satisfied?

Because I’m the child that was made through pleasure and pain

Love and hate

Can you get with that?

Can you relate?

I’m just a child 

Who was taught through you two people when to smile and when to frown.

Now as I get older, I connect those to ups and downs.

He told me, “Go PLAY!”

She told me, “Baby we will go another day”

I’m just all together confused and afraid 

And the people I get to stay around love me so 

But it’s those other two people that I crave something from the most.

Cause those are the ones that made me

Same one that deliver to me the definition of strife

As I get older I realize,

It’s just me now 

But I hope they’ll realize …

I was just a child…..


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